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 Founder of Letters of the Heart, a preacher of the gospel with a prophetic lens helping others to access heaven  & live it on earth through the voice of God.  

hi, I'm Demetria

this would be the beginning of many opportunities to embrace what was in front of me & learn God really had a plan. I like to call it, The Journey of yes!

Little did I know at the time... 

 This is a little more on the personal side... you can message the team at booking@demetriastalings.com for a formal bio and skip this if you like ... but if you  like stories... grab a cup of coffee or tea and let me tell you a little about me...
Born in Germany, raised in Hawaii, Yep, this brown skin girl was raised in Hawaii, and oh how I miss getting out of school and heading to the beach with family, just to chill. It all changed my senior year of High school, after Dad was about to be deployed to Virginia. Although I didn’t have much of a choice; I mean, I was about to turn 17; I had to decide to accept reality or fight against what was uncomfortable, nearly daunting. So, I said yes within; after getting over the fact of not graduating with my friends, of course, ha! 

My story really began the moment I finally said Yes. 

I kept going. I kept following his voice. I kept choosing to look at Him. I found my identity in Him! I 'm not saying I don't still have moments, I DO! OH I DO! Ask my closest friends! LOL. But I'm learning not to look at circumstances as something working against me; but to change my perspective in a way that would allow Him to be Him in & through me! 
One day I'll tell you the whole story! Whew! LOL... 
Now I get to do life with Christ, traveling the world, singing, teaching, coaching , Running a 501c3 (Letters of The Heart ) &  helping others like you!  But it didn't start there and I'm still growing! But I had to say YES to the  journey, fall in love with Him  and follow His voice! 

years past & I hit this really Pivotal moment where I felt like the wind was being knocked out of me. I wanted to give up, but i didn't.

Made in His Image &

YES! I want  to walk with you & help you  understand how loved you are & Know His Voice!   LET'S GO!

And now i want to encourage yoU to fall in love with Jesus and follow His VOice!

Embracing who I am in Him, Embracing the Story that belonged to me.  I've been threaten; yea you read that right; threaten & advised not to share my whole story!  At first I was a little nervous to take the leap; but here we are! ALL IN! I've seen what my yes, and trusting his voice,  has done to help free others. I also began to learn the importance of vulnerability;   letting others know I'm not perfect but HE IS and he can use anything; If I'm still going! So can YOU!

That was the exact moment it all changed for me. When I started following His voice...


Like my style? 

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the daily life

"I am no longer a respirator, relying on human options, thoughts, or circumstances to help my air circulate… He is the air I breathe."

— demetria stallings


not about

believing the lie! 


Coffee shops, vulnerability,
empowering others to know the voice of God. 

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